My new favorite workout song!

I have gotten off to a great start this month! I really want to get into great shape for the Christmas season, I dug deep and found that motivation I have been looking for!

October 1- Back and biceps 

  1. Cardio- Ran 1.97 miles, for a duration of 34.19 with an average pace of 17.27 per mile and burned 189 calories. I was with a friend who is trying to start back up running so we took it slow with walking breaks.
  2. Back and biceps workout: 3 sets 10-12 reps
    -Bent over dumbbell row: 10 pound weights 12 reps
    -Underhand pull up: (assisted because I am not that strong yet!) 8 reps
    -Standing barbell curl: 10 pound weights 12 reps
    -Alternating barbell curl: 10 pound weights 12 reps

October 2- Cardio

I was extremely proud of myself this day, because I worked 12 hours straight (with my day starting at 5:00am) and after a short nap, got out there and ran. I’m ready to see my body change and to make progress! All it takes is that continuous effort!

  • 30 minute run
    – average pace of 12.21 per mile, 2.44 miles ran, burning 280 calories.
  • Walking at work
    – I brought my Ipod Nano to work and kept it in my pocket all day to see how much I walked. I had it on from when to the store opened to when I left work, but I was there for an hour before the store opened, so I’m sure there is more distance.
    – I walked 1.54 miles and burned 129 calories, with 3,743 steps.

October 3- Chest/shoulders/triceps

  1. Cardio: Ran 1.84 miles, for a duration of 24.51 with an average pace of 12.32 a mile and burned 213 calories.
  2. Chest/shoulders/triceps workout: 3 sets 10-12 reps
    -Bench press: 4 on the cable machine, 10 reps
    -Incline flyes: 7.5 pound weights, 12 reps
    -Seated dumbbell press: 7.5 pound weights, 12 reps
    -Dumbbell lateral raises: 7.5 pound weights, 8 reps
    -Triceps extension: 7.5 pound weights, 12 reps
    -Bench dips: 12 reps

So far I am loving this workout routine, I have already lost five pounds this week, by eating healthy, doing cardio and strength training! Here is the routine I have chosen to follow! Although it is on a body building site, this is a female weight loss plan that really helps you stay on track!

Now to finish the week strong! I have a new workout partner- an old friend of mine, Stephy. I’m excited to have a workout partner to help me keep on track!

I haven’t cooked as much as I would have liked to this week, but I am getting into a routine and will post recipes as I make them.

Stay tuned, and help me stay motivated!
What new work outs are you trying? Are they working for you?