Hello everyone! 

I have been doing well this week with keeping up working out and eating right! Lets see if I can make it through the end of the week and the weekend! Yesterday I weighed in at 160 Pounds, so I gained a couple of pounds after having a stressful last couple weeks, but that has only motivated me to work harder! You cannot see results if you don’t try, right? With working all the time, it is really hard to get my meals on track, but I am trying my hardest not to skip a meal/eat badly! I have drunk at least a gallon of water everyday, trying to keep that up so that my body can work at its highest potential! I have done my two first days of my workout routine, and feeling great! Tonight I had leen artichoke-feta stuffed chicken, you SERIOUSLY need to try this recipe, it is out of this world!

What great plans do you have for this week?