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Good evening!
I just finished my chest/shoulders/triceps workout as well as some cardio! For my cardio, I went onto the elliptical, for a total of 20 minutes. For my easy resistance, I made sure I stayed around the 3.9 speed range,  for medium I was at 4.6 and higher, and for the difficult i was 5.6 and higher. I followed the cardio running plan on Lee’s site, with the different levels and intervals. I ran for 20 minutes, Level 8 on the elliptical in the interval training setting and burned 140 calories.


Meals for the day:

Breakfast: leen morning shake with almonds
AM snack: 50 calorie cheese stick (weight watchers skim mozzarella)
Lunch: 2 eggs with one piece of whole wheat 10 whole grain toast
PM snack: Apple with 1 teaspoon of natural peanut butter
Dinner: leen artichoke and spinach pasta and a nectarine
After workout snack: Vega vanilla protein recovery shake with cold water

What did you do today?