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Hello all, 

I have been struggling to keep up with my working out, but am starting to get into a routine, and am going to post about it each day. 

I have started Lee Labrada’s workout, which I got free from Bodybuilding.com. Yes I know the sound of ‘body building’ sounds scary to some, but on the site you can pick different programs based on if you want to lose weight, or bulk up, so don’t be discouraged! I will be following his workout plan with probably adding in some more running days, to get ready for my first 5k. Me and my friend Lindsey have signed up for a 5k in Savannah, Georgia on September 15, to honor the fallen heroes of the September 11th tragedy.


My goals for this week are:

  1. To stick to diet, allowed one cheat snack this whole week.
  2. Workout everyday, no matter what.
  3. Eat breakfast everyday, before 10:00AM.
  4. Plan meals for everyday
  5. Make snacks ahead of time.
  6. And the most important, blog everyday!

My Measurements to start off are as follows:

  • Weight: 157lbs
  • Chest: 37
  • Arms: 12
  • Thigh: 23
  • Stomach: 37
  • Calves: 15
  • Bottom: 39

Today is the Biceps, back and cardio workout. 12 reps, 2 sets

  • Bent over dumbbell rows
  • Lat pull-down or underhand pull-up
  • standing barbell curl
  • Alternating dumbbell curl
  • 30 minutes of interval cardio

You can find descriptions of these moves on bodybuilding.com. I am recording the amount of weight I am doing for each exercise, and will report back every Monday if I have moved up in weight or not. I am also going to weigh myself only once a week, on Monday’s.

What did you do today?