Hey there!

Please excuse my absence, I have been home from college for the first time in months, and have been catching up on doctor, dentist, and eye doctor appointments (fun) before I have to go back to school for job training on Monday! I have been working out at least once a day, running for only 15 minutes although. In north Ga where my parents live there is nothing but huge hills! Let me tell you they are definitely harder to run then straight even ground! My legs have been killing me, so although I am running less time, I believe that I am getting a better workout! Also within the last week I have also done insanity twice with my mom (Go Mom!). As soon as I get back to school I will be back on a constant schedule and regularly updating the blog! Tonight We are having ribs (yumm!) with a dry rub, my favorite! Recipe and pictures coming soon!


What goals are you accomplishing? Get out there and do it!