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Good Morning All!

I would like to make a list of goals for this week. I find it very encouraging to be able to physically cross things off my list, and see that they are already done!

Weekly Goals

  1. Run every morning, before 11:00a.m (before it gets too hot!)
  2. Run for the whole time, no stopping
  3. I want to work out either weight training or valslides 6 out of the seven nights this week.
  4. Drink only water
  5. Eat only healthy meals (no carbs, no salt, no sugar)
  6. Eat 5 little meals a day
  7. Get to sleep by 11:30p.m each day
  8. Wake up at 8:15a.m each day
  9. Use noom weightloss coach app everyday, and input my food and exercise into it
  10. Lose at least 2 pounds this week

There you have it. They are little milestones which together if I continually do them, will form into a habit that I no longer have to make myself do, but will come naturally! What are your goals? What does your schedule look like? I keep an agenda for school and my workouts, and it really helps me to be able to take that purple highlighter and cross it off once I finish the task! Only 4 more days, including today, left of summer school, I can’t wait to actually be able to enjoy summer! 🙂

For dinner tonight I will be making my favorite chicken recipe, leen oregano chicken. Recipe and pictures to come!

I am now having my leen morning shake, after it settles I will be going on my morning run! What are you doing for yourself today?

Get up and get going!