Just got finished with my 1st run of the week! I ran for about 21 minutse total, taking little walking breaks (about 15 seconds each, because I got this terrible cramp in my side I couldn’t run off). My average mile time was 10:29 a mile and i ran a total of 2.24 miles, taking 23:26 to finish burning 273 calories! I promise I will do the full 25 tomorrow, or maybe even tonight depending on my homework load. I wanted to share with you all little things that make my run more enjoyable! Image

  • First are my lime green Asic Blur running shoes. I bought these off ebay, and let me tell you it feels like you are running on air! Running shoes should be replaced every 6-8 months (depending how often you use them of course). Make sure you they feel right and you have the right suport! As much as I love Nike, in my opinion their shoes are not the best running shoes. My boyfriend has Nike shoes, and seems to enjoy running in them, but I haven’t found a Nike pair that works for me yet. But to each their own!
  • Second is my Ipod Nano 6th Generation. With this I can turn on some pump up music and get to work! The cool thing about the new Nano is that you can track the steps you take, through nike+ as well as the miles or minutes run. It is a great tool that reminds me everyday that I need to do my run! I track my steps to and from class, but I will start to do it everyday so that I can show you guys my progess. Once you connect the Nano to the computer it will put all this information on Nike+ which will show you all your past workouts. You can also get this app (nike+) off android or apple products as well as the internet, and I highly suggest it! $$ Best part is it is free!
  • Third is my skull candy headphones! I don’t like the Apple ones that came with my Nano because they hurt my ears (I have small ears lol) but these ones stay in my ears and really give off great sound! You can get them for really cheap on ebay, in some great colors!

For you Technology lovers out there, here are two of my favorite weight-loss related apps, which i think you can also find on the interenet if you don’t have an apple or andriod product:

  • loseit-This is sort of like weightwatchers without spending the money! You input the food you eat throughout the day as well as exercise, and it will tell you if you are over your ‘calorie budget’ or under! You ALWAYS want to be under, as that is the fastest way to lose weight! It is important to be honest with yourself and put down exactly what you eat up to every bite so that you can really see where you are struggleing throughout the day and week. If you add this, look me up so that we can keep track of eachothers progress! $$ Free App!
  • 8tacks-This is an AMAZING app! It takes peoples different playlists that they make and puts them on the app. I looked up workout and running and have found some great pump up songs! I really like “i can’t stop” by tigerlily1510. This playlist seems to go with each step that I run and really pumps me up! $$ Free App!!

Well there you have it! My little gagets and things to make running more enjoyable!